Hats Off to Media Communications Corporation

media communications corp award

media communications corp award

The MCC team has another achievement to be proud of. A feather on its cap was added on February 20, 2014 and it is not just any recognition. Media Communications Corporation was chosen amid its peers and industry competitors as the Florida Excellence Award recipient for 2013.

The USIEC (United States Institute for Excellence in Commerce) has continually stressed the need for businesses to maintain exceedingly high standards on areas such as quality of products and services, ethical practices, and customer service. This prestigious body only gives the highest recognition to companies that fulfill the benchmarks they have set. Media Communications Corporation is now in association with the ranks of high performance businesses that have the USIEC’s seal of approval.

The USIEC abides by this core philosophy: “”Excellence is not a gift; but rather a skill that takes practice.”(Plato). It only gives the prestigious Florida Excellence Award to a company that can serve a model to others within the industry. Evidently, MCC’s perseverance has paid off.

MCC’s expertise lies on helping businesses achieve an edge over the competition. MCC is also capable of providing solutions that allow businesses to maintain their highest rank while at the same time sustaining a close kinship with its customers.

Media Communications Corporation has been in existence for 20 years. It has experienced unparalleled growth in the past decade, thanks in part to the boom in the outsourcing industry. MCC knows how it is like to survive in a highly competitive business environment. As such, it has become an authority in providing pertinent solutions to businesses that aim for greater exposure to customers.

The award from USIEC has put the company in the limelight. Now, MCC is even more devoted to cultivating the highest business practice and standards since the whole industry is now tuned in to what it will be doing next.

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